Since 2006 mimicoco takes care of the identity and visual communication of the Venissa Estate. The ancient “walled vineyard”, which dates back to the fifteenth century and is watched over by an even older bell tower, protects a treasure that has been rediscovered with immense fatigue. This is the ancient native Venetian vine Dorona, also known as the “Golden Grape” due to the brilliant colour of its berries. This wine is a tribute to Venice’s illustrious past. The bottles used to market the wine pay tribute to three local traditions: wine, gold and glass. The simplicity and linearity of a dark glass bottle on which stands a perfect square of gold, engraved with the name “Venissa” and with the serial number, meant to leave a permanent mark of the uniqueness of the bottle’s content. The idea of ​​using gold leaf instead of a traditional paper label on the Venissa bottle, allowed us to play on the assonance between the name of the grape and the material, making it almost unnecessary to mention it. In this way we were able to represent the preciousness of the vine and the value of its recovery, through a small square of pure gold.The genuine Venetian gold leaves are very difficult to find nowadays, but thanks to the BertaBattiloro workshop, whose name clearly evokes the long past of the family and its meticulous work, respectful of techniques derived from the tradition of ‘500 Venetian gold-beaters, hascreated the extraordinary “labels” of Venissa, which were then applied by hand on each bottle, and re-fired in the ovens of Carlo Moretti Glassworks.

Award mention

AWDA 2012