TesiRare is a collection of organic wines, the hand-drawn labels are printed in two-color screen printing with some raised elements to emphasize the tactility of the experience. The composition is embellished with small gold leaf details. The lunar cycle is a visual metaphor for the dialogue established with nature. The importance of the sun, on the right, in balance with the phases of the moon. A second graphism, at the bottom of the label, depicts an energy exchange between the sun and the earth, in the center the atom, the smallest and most indivisible unit of matter.

TesiRare GrigioRamato, the “macerated” Pinot Grigio, was awarded “2021 Label of the Year” at Vinitaly Design’s 25th International Packaging Competition. The TesiRare collection was awarded at the DNA Paris Design Awards 2022 and mentioned at the Fedrigoni Top Awards 2022.

Award mention

DNA Paris

2021 Label of the Year

Vinitaly Packaging Competition