Private Collection

Four original expressions of the Glera grape variety to elevate the perception of Prosecco Superiore. Limited edition bottles that enclose the history of the Bisol family. To enhance the expression of this collection we have chosen to dress the bottles with four bracelets of unique light and tactility, made using the finishing materials of the Kurz Group, a company represented exclusively for Italy by Luxoro srl. Four different foils, in precious and elegant shades, and four different clichés (prouced by Hinderer + Muelich), which add an exclusive tactile note thanks to the micro textures engraved on their surfaces. Each bottle is then sealed with the ancient technique of “ficelage”, instead of the classic muselet. The idea that is generated of wine is that of a precious and authentic material, obtained thanks to the passion and expert work of skilful hands, like those that cultivate and select in an artisanal manner the bunches of grapes destined for this wine.
Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze “Private” 2013, Bisol wins the “Oscar del Vino – Bibenda” in 2016 in the category: best Label with the best Wine.