The meeting with Alfio Lovisa was our first encounter with biodynamics. Vineyard management, from winter pruning to grape harvest, is strictly manual. Pesticides for defence against fungal diseases and parasites, as well as for weed control, are banned. Not only no chemical fertilisers and weeding, but sowing of polyphytic essences, mowing and targeted green manure. The soil’s microbiological patrimony is enriched with self-produced compost from pruning waste. For several years now, Alfio Lovisa has been collaborating with important European research centres, using state-of-the-art methods to protect the vineyard ecosystem. The use of herbal teas and macerates of herbs and officinal plants, cultivated within the company, supplements the vine’s defence against cryptogams, in which microbiology always plays a leading role. Bacteria and fungi with defence and nutrition functions.


Alfio Lovisa